Independence, MO Plumbing Company

As an Independence, MO homeowner, you want the best plumbing repairs at the best price. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Advocate Master Plumbing. Plus, you’ll get the best customer service too. That’s what we’re all about. Our goal is to provide the best plumbing service which includes a full home plumbing inspection with every repair visit. Our plumbers are experts at the following:

We Are the Homeowner’s Plumbing Advocate

If you wonder where our name came from, it came from our owner, Jerry. His entire purpose in starting this company was to be an advocate for homeowners. After working for 20 years in the plumbing industry, he saw how corporate thinking focused only on profits and left customer service playing second fiddle. “I knew I could do a better job and charge less and still make a good living,” Jerry says. When you call Advocate Master Plumbing for a repair or replacement, you will always get a full plumbing inspection at no charge. That’s just Jerry’s way of providing the best customer service for all our Independence homeowners.

Keep Your Independence Home Safe with Backflow Testing

When water flows the wrong way in your home’s plumbing system, contamination of the drinking water can occur. That’s why backflow protectors are required by law. It can be due to back siphonage (reduced pressure in the city’s mains) or backpressure (higher pressure in a homeowner’s piping). We install a backflow device in your water line that prevents water from flowing backward. Because backflow preventers are mechanical, they contain parts that can wear out so they must be tested regularly to keep the water supply safe. Call Advocate Master Plumbing for backflow preventer testing and repair.

24-Hour Service Means Emergency Plumbing Repair Service for Independence

Why do plumbing emergencies always seem to happen at the worst times? Maybe you’ve got a house full of company coming. Maybe it’s the middle of the night and the toilet won’t stop overflowing. Perhaps you wake up for a 5:30 shower only to discover you have no hot water. No matter what, no matter when, Advocate Master Plumbing is there for you round the clock. From a busted washing machine hose to a backed up sewer drain, just give us a call day or night for emergency plumbing repair service. Call Advocate today and experience the difference the right plumber can make.