Advocate Master Plumbing in Blue Springs, MO

At Advocate Master Plumbing | Blue Springs, MO, we are a little different from your average plumbing company. Jerry Miller, the owner and president, is a master plumber with a long history of working in the plumbing trade. For 20 years, Jerry worked for larger plumbing companies and, while he enjoyed the plumbing work itself, he became disenchanted with the way the companies were run. It seemed the focus was more on the bottom line and profits than on real customer service.

The Blue Springs Homeowner’s Plumbing Repair Advocate

Jerry decided to break out on his own and start his own plumbing company in Blue Springs with an emphasis on homeowners and customer service. The name Advocate Master Plumbing came from the philosophy that homeowners needed someone in their corner watching out for their interests. That’s exactly what Advocate Master Plumbing | Blue Springs, MO does. “I want people to recommend me to their parents and grandparents because they can trust that I have their best interests in mind,” Jerry says, “and not just the almighty dollar. I want to be a true advocate to the homeowner.”

The Advocate Master Plumbing Difference

At Advocate Master Plumbing of Blue Springs, MO, we do things a little differently. “It’s really not that hard to figure out,” Jerry says about his philosophy. “Give the people what they need. Make sure their plumbing is working properly, and charge a fair price for your services.” At each plumbing repair or replacement visit, Jerry automatically includes a full plumbing inspection. This includes a full visual inspection, checking the water pressure, inspecting the toilets, faucets, water heater, tankless water heater, sump pump, and any other plumbing equipment and giving you a full report. “That’s what I would do for a friend or family member,” Jerry says, “so that’s what I do on every home plumbing service call.” With Advocate Master Plumbing, you’ll know the status of your home’s plumbing, what works fine, what might need to be looked at again soon, and what needs attention immediately. This helps you avoid nasty plumbing “surprises” like leaking pipes, no hot water, or broken sump pumps. Plumbing disasters can cause lots of damage and be very costly to the homeowner. Let Advocate Master Plumbers keep you out of hot water by keeping an eye on your plumbing.

Keep Your Blue Springs Home Safe with Backflow Testing

When water flows the wrong way in your home’s plumbing system, contamination of the drinking water can occur. That’s why backflow protectors are required by law. It can be due to back siphonage (reduced pressure in the city’s mains) or backpressure (higher pressure in a homeowner’s piping). We install a backflow device in your water line that prevents water from flowing backward. We test backflow devices in your home. We repair backflow preventers in Blue Springs homes, as well.Because backflow preventers are mechanical, they contain parts that can wear out so they must be tested regularly to keep the water supply safe. Call Advocate Master Plumbing | Blue Springs, MO for backflow preventer testing and repair in Blue Springs, MO.

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